DR's Secret T Series + Refining Pore Serum for Enlarged Pores

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It is an envy in every person eyes — that perfectly smooth facial texture, like porcelain.

But several factors and harsh conditions affect the skin — sun damage, aging, warm weather, lack of adequate exfoliation, naturally oily skin. Pores allow sweat and sebum to reach the skin surface. This results in a very thick layer that accumulates on the skin as unsightly, enlarged pores. Skin begins to look sallow and lifeless.

We have developed DR’s Secret Refining Serum to stop these woes.

Our advanced Skin Refining Serum is totally alcohol-free formulation with the highest concentration of natural ingredients for maximum purity and efficacy. Instead of using alcohol to shrink pores, Refining Serum is formulated with fermented corn extracts to tighten pores, while using a synergistic combination of plant tannins with the highest concentration of witch hazel, willow bark and cinnamon for an astringent effect. It is enriched with conalbumin that moisturizes and lifts away old, damaged skin. DR’s Secret Refining Serum works to unclog then tighten up dilated pores with all the re-invigorating ingredients locked in to nourish skin from within.

That porcelain-like skin you have always wanted?

It is yours — day by day, with every pure drop of DR’s Secret Refining Serum.

Maximum Purity and Efficacy

- Enlarged pores become virtually invisible
- Skin lifting effect
- Control sebum output
- Lift and tighten skin
- Refine and smoothen skin appearance

Active Ingredients

Refining Serum contains an effective mix of botanicals to minimise the appearance of pores and address pore enlargement problems at the source.

Fermented Extracts
Fermented corn extracts cool and shrink pores, for a remarkably smooth skin texture.

Tannins effectively tighten up the pores while Conalbumin moisturises and maintains skin elasticity.

Steps on How to Reduce Enlarged Pores

1. Daily cleansing to wash away impurities and excess oils on skin
2. Apply toner to tighten the skin and prepare absorption of the next skin care step
3. Skinlight + Skinrecon to accelerate skin healing and renewal process to remove dead skin cells and regenerate new skin cells to heal the skin. Recommended for existing severe enlarged pores which has been there for many years to accelerate skin renewal process.
4. Sunscreen to reduce pigmentation formation on existing scar wounds to prevent formation of dark markings around affected enlarged pore areas.
5. Refining Serum to be applied at night on affected enlarged pores areas to tighten pores over time.

Accelerated DR's Secret Treatment to Reduce Enlarged Pores

Cleanser, Toner, Refining Serum (on enlarged pores areas only), Sunscreen

Cleanser, Toner, Skinlight + Skinrecon, Refining Serum (on enlarged pores areas only)

Recommended use for Refining Pore Serum

Dispense a small amount onto fingertips. After using treatment or moisturiser, apply a few drops of Refining Serum evenly on the face concentrating on areas with enlarged pores. Allow serum to absorb completely before applying moisturizer. After application, pat face gently.

Use morning and evening following your DR’s Secret Skin Care Program.

For enhanced healing, dry flaking skin, or winter/summer, add DRs Secret Moisturiser to promote skin healing

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About DR's Secret

DR’s Secret Range is manufactured in the United States. DR’s Secret means Dermatology Revolution, it uses revolutionary techniques in its unique blend of natural ingredients. We use the latest dermatological advancements from around the world to bring you the best range of products for your skin care needs.

DR's Secret Treatment Series + Refining Pore Serum for Enlarged Pores
(Includes Cleanser, Toner, Skinlight, Skinrecon, Sunscreen) and DR's Secret Refining Pore Serum