DR Secret Australia & New Zealand

Do you ship DR Secret Products to Australia & New Zealand?

Yes we do! In fact, we had been shipping DR Secret to Australia since 2009. We used to have a Sydney warehouse and unfortunately as we could not monitor products that were expiring, we decided to ship the products directly from our Singapore warehouse instead to ensure that you receive the freshest skin care with the longest shelf life.

How long is the shelf life of DR Secret Skincare Products?

About 2 - 3 years on average. If you do receive a product that has less than 6 months to expiry, we would replace it free of charge.

Why should I purchase DR Secrets from My Secret Store?

There is no hassle of signing up for complex memberships and revealing your drivers license/ID number. We will not ask you to do direct selling or hit any sales quotas. Your privacy and trust is of utmost importance to us.

Why should I buy DR Secret shipped from Singapore to Australia or New Zealand?

Fast Shipping: Singapore is relatively close to Australia & New Zealand, so shipping times can be shorter compared to buying DR Secret products from more distant countries. Typically we use DHL/Fedex Options with 2 - 4 days express delivery.

  • Quality and Authenticity: Singapore is known for its high-quality products, particularly in electronics, healthcare, and beauty sectors. When you purchase products from Singapore, you may have access to authentic and well-manufactured items.

  • Unique and Niche Products: Singapore is a hub for various cultural influences, which can lead to a unique and diverse range of products. You might find niche or specialty items that are not readily available in Australia.

  • Competitive Pricing: Depending on the exchange rate and local pricing, some products may be more affordable in Singapore. You can take advantage of currency exchange rates to potentially save on your purchases.

  • Ease of Ordering: Singapore has a well-developed online shopping infrastructure, making it easy to order products and have them shipped to Australia. Many Singaporean retailers offer international shipping options.


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