DR Secrets - Four Skin Care Travel Essentials

DR Secrets - Four Skin Care Travel Essentials

Before every travel adventure is usually an administrative nightmare. Securing the best flight deals, accommodation, travel insurance, itinerary… Finally you’re all jet set with only one thing left to do - luggage packing. Easy peasy…right? Until you ask yourself the all-important question: What goes into the bag and what stays out? Clothes? Only the versatile pieces. Disposable undergarments? Absolutely. An extra pair of shoes? Just in case. Toothbrush? Oh yea.

What DR's Secret Skin Care should I bring for Travel?

Many beauty editors and celebrities have emphasized the need for proper skin care while on a travel vacation. We absolutely agree.
But how do you balance between keeping your bags clutter-free and ensuring that you don’t come home with a vacation breakout?
Travel, not struggle. Here we narrow it down to just 4 skin care essentials you need to look fresh and amazing in all your travel selfies.

DR Secret Moisturizer

This is especially essential on long haul flights. At high altitudes, the air becomes dry and moisture levels drop. Dry skin becomes drier and oily skin produce even more oil to compensate for the moisture loss.
Before you spend the next few hours in-flight snoozing or catching up on the latest blockbuster, whip out your moisturizer and give your skin a drink. All it takes is 2 minutes to lock the moisture in.
We recommend a cream-based moisturizer for dry skin and a lightweight alternative for skin that’s more oily. You can also prep your skin the night before by exfoliating and applying intense moisturizer. Exfoliating will help your skin to better absorb the hydrating nutrients.
Tip: Moisturize regularly especially in colder regions and you’ll have no lack of fresh-faced selfies!

DR Secret Sunscreen

If you forget everything else, this is a MUST-HAVE. When flying, sitting near the window brings you closer to the sun’s harmful rays. The higher the altitude, the stronger the radiation. Summer vacations also mean a higher exposure to UV, the main culprit for pigmentation and ageing. Never fail to apply sufficient SPF before going out. For sunny places, reapply every 2-3 hours to ensure all-day protection. Click here to learn more about how to use sunscreen effectively.
With your skin defenses up, you can laze in the Gold Coast beaches, traverse the Amazon tropics and explore the Grand Canyon without worry!

DR Secret Cleanser

Most people think that they could simply use samples provided by the hotel. After all, they are free! However, an abrupt change in cleanser may disrupt the skin’s acidic balance. This can cause breakouts, a real mood-dampener while on holiday.
Dry and sensitive skin require gentler cleansers while oily skin prefer deep cleansing options. You wouldn’t know which kinds of cleansers your hotel room may provide, so it’s best to stick to the cleanser your skin is most familiar with.

DR Secret Hydro Mask - Hydrating Face Mask for Travel

Quick, convenient, effective. Facial masks are your best bet especially when you need a quick skin fix. Bring hydrating masks with you. They will be especially comforting to your skin while on the plane (have your own 15-min spa in that 5-hour flight!).
You could also put a sheet on every other night before bed. Think luxurious hotel suite, soft cosy bedsheets and a soothing mask treatment. Now that’s what I call a relaxing vacation!
What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the flight liquid allowance rule (by the way, it’s 100ml containers sealed in a clear bag with volume not exceeding 1 litre). Yay!
It’s super skin-hugging because of its biocellulose material which means you don’t have to worry about craning your neck uncomfortably in those economy class seats!
While some of you may worry that a downsize in your skin care regime would affect your skin health, just remember that this is only a TEMPORARY measure.
Give yourself a break, pack these 4 handy essentials in and go on a date with the world, worry-free!

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