DR's Secret T Series + Dry Skin Treatment (#1 - #6)

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  The skin dehydration often result from a dry climate, not drinking enough water, prolonged exposure to sun, poor skin hygiene, air conditioning, harsh soaps etc.

Your skin naturally loses up to half a pint of water every day, which means it constantly needs replenishing. It’s essential to seal moisture directly intp your skin to keep it healthy and well-hydrated.

Results of dehydration:

Loss of elasticity
Shrunken skin
Feeling of tightness
The skin looks rough
Fine lines and wrinkles
Premature ageing
Flaking, scaling

What you should do if your skin is dehydrated?
The best way to prevent dehydration is to make sure you drinking plenty of water and other fluids every day. You should consume more fluids than you are losing. Drink at least 1.5 liter water daily.

1. Apply DR’s Secret Moisturizer every night to trap moisture in the skin.

2. Use a hydrating Facial Mask (Q10 Gold Mask) once a week.

3. Avoid smoking, drinking coffee and alcohol as they dry your skin

4. Start on DR’s Secret T Series Program to replenish the skin with vitamins and minerals.

Application Steps for DRs Secret T Series & Moisturiser Directions for Mature/ Dehydrated/ Sensitive Skin Corrective Regime

Day 1, T2, 5 Optional use of Skinrecon T4 (after Toner T2).
Night 1, T2, T3 + T4, 6 (Moisturiser) Mix 2 to 3 drops of Skinlight T3 to an equal amount of Skinrecon T4.

Cleanser - 118 ml Toner - 118 ml Skinlight - 15 ml Skinrecon - 30 ml Sunscreen - 30 ml Moisturiser - 30ml

Around 3 months on a daily application usage.


DR’s Secret Moisturiser (#6)

1. Hydrates skin using our water based formula
2. Beneficial antioxidants to nourish and enhance skin renewal
3. Great for skin maintenance

DR's Secret T Series Skin Care

1. Removes dead skin cells
2. Protect and prevent skin dehydration
3. Promote new skin cells renewal

Use Q10 Gold Mask to hydrate your skin on a weekly basis.

For dry, peeling, damaged, sun burnt, flaking or dehydrated skin to promote healing and hydration. Especially in winter, summer or dry climate.

About DRs Secret
DR’s Secret Range is manufactured in the United States. DR’s Secret means Dermatology Revolution, it uses revolutionary techniques in its unique blend of natural ingredients. We use the latest dermatological advancements from around the world to bring you the best range of products for your skin care needs.

DR's Secret T Series + Moisturiser for Dry & Dehydrated Skin
(Includes Cleanser, Toner, Skinlight, Skinrecon, Sunscreen) and DR's Secret Moisturizer 30ml

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