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DRs Secret T Series + Anti Ageing Treatment
DRs Secret T Series + Anti Ageing Treatment
DRs Secret T Series + Anti Ageing Treatment

DRs Secret T Series + Anti Ageing Treatment

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It is inevitable to develop wrinkles as we age. We can only do so much to slow down the process. Aged skin causes wrinkles since they lack the flexibility of the cells found in younger skin. This causes it to sag and wrinkle.There are several ways to prevent skin aging through prevention and treatment.

1. Remove Dead Skin Cells

The goal of this type of treatment is to remove the old skin layer to be able to make room for the new skin layer to surface. This is achieved by increasing the rate of cell turnover until it is consistent with the turnover rate of healthy skin which is 21 to 28 days. Then, when the top layer of dead skin cells is removed, replaced by new younger skin below the surface.

DRs Secret Skinlight and Skinrecon work together to remove dead skin cells during the renewal process to remove the impurities in the skin. It is a non invasive process that uses natural vitamins and minerals.

2. Protect and Prevent by Blocking UV Rays

UV Rays from the sun is the main cause for skin aging. UV rays dehydrate the skin, causing sagging and wrinkles to appear. It is important to use Sunscreen to prevent premature skin aging.

DR’s Secret Sunscreen helps prevent premature skin ageing and defend your complexion against unwanted pigmentation by providing skin protection against the damaging effects of sun UVA/UVB rays. This moisturising sunscreen also hydrates the skin to enhance cell renewal.

3. Skin Firming Treatment to Tighten Wrinkles and Sagging Skin

At night, use skin firming treatment on affected areas to tighten wrinkles and sagging skin. Using a combination of day and night treatment, your skin natural state will be restored over time.

DRs Secret C15 Essence (#7) for Skin Firming

C15 essence is effective for firming skin and protecting it from wrinkles, pigmentation and aging.

- Promote collagen and elastic production, thereby firming the skin and clearing wrinkles.
- Protect the skin and prevent aging.
- Reduce pigment formation with its anti-oxidant nature

People thought I was older than my actual age.
"It was embarrassing when people constantly thought that I was older than my actual age. Unfortunately, my sagging skin problems worsen with time. I was determined to find a skin care solution. After trying many kinds of skin care products, I chanced upon DR Secret T Series. My colleagues and friends started to ask what I had done to my skin.It was evident that my skin regained its youthful radiance and it was as great as a facelift! T Series gave me an unexpected make over and it thrills me when people comment that I now look 10 years younger and I have found my skin care partner for life."

Mdm Wang De Zhen, 54, Sagging skin, loss of skin elasticity

Directions for Mature Skin for Anti Aging

Corrective Regime

Day 1, T2, 5
Optional use of Skinrecon T4 (after Toner T2).
Night 1, T2, T3 + T4 OR #7 (C15 Essence)
Mix 2 to 3 drops of Skinlight T3 to an equal amount of Skinrecon T4.

Use half a vital or one vital of C15 Essence and apply evenly across face once a week
Cleanser - 118 ml Toner - 118 ml Skinlight - 15 ml Skinrecon - 30 ml Sunscreen - 30 ml C15 Essence - 15ml

Around 3 months on a daily application usage.


DR's Secret Moisturiser for flaking, peeling and dry skin, to be used with anti aging treatment.

DRs Secret Activist Eye Cream is suitable for erasing fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. It also lightens dark eye circles.

DRs Secret Collagen Mask instantly lifts and firms the skin, great for dinner parties.

Aestier - Age Arrest & AR Essence - Fast Anti Ageing Treatment, long term and lasting to defy skin ageing process.

Avance Collagen Plus - Anti Ageing Drink to increase collagen in skin with a unique watermelon flavored formula.

DRs Secret LIF Facial Massager is your on the go companion to skin lifting and firming. It increases penetration of skin care ingredients by up to 400%, see results within a week with combined usage with C15 Essence.

DRs Secret T Series + C15 Essence for Anti Aging Skin Care Treatment
(Includes Cleanser, Toner, Skinlight, Skinrecon, Sunscreen and C15 Essence)

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