(NEW) How to Reset Your Account to Redeem New Reward Points

We had upgraded our store and you have to reactivate/reset your email account to view or redeem your past reward points. Kindly follow these steps:

You may use REWARDS as a one off discount code for 2% off your orders.

Method 1: Reset Your Password

- Go to Login page and click on "Forgot?".
- Type in your email and click on Submit.
- Check your email and click on "Activate"
- You can now see your past earned reward points




Method 2: Place an order and we will send you an activation email

After receiving your order, we will send you an activation email to reset your account to view your existing reward points.  

- Click on the activation link and create your new password.
- Click on the bottom bar "Rewards" to view your current reward points by clicking on "Ways to redeem".


4. To redeem your reward points, click on "Redeem".
5. A unique discount code will be generated to be used during your checkout.

- Click on "Apply code" and your converted reward points will be automatically applied to your checkout page.


How to Earn Points?

Click on: Ways to earn

Your points will be added to your account by completing these actions.

Can I redeem Member Points from other websites on My Secret Store?

No, unfortunately we do not have that functionality at that moment.