DR's Secret - Age Arrest Set (Anti Aging Treatment)

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Aestier Age Arrest and AR Essence stop time, stop skin-aging, not merely skin-deep, but from the very beginnings of renewal pathways. Revolutionary freeze-dried growth factor-mimicking peptide, E-Factor™ in tablet-form, coordinates the process of collagen and elastin production by skin cells, stimulating cell-renewal, evening out skin tone and fine lines, and increasing skin's elasticity for longer-lasting youthful-looking skin.


DR Secret - Age Arrest Set (Anti Aging Treatment)

DR's Secret Cleanser, Sunscreen, Moisturiser + Aestier Age Arrest + Miraglo Face

DR Secret Age Arrest Set (Anti Aging Treatment) is recommended for:

1. Those who have wrinkles and sagging skin, and would like to tighten up the skin to look youthful

2. Looking for a skin care alternative to maintain skin youthfulness

3. If you have went for chemical peel, laser treatment, diamond peel or other cosmetic surgeries

4. Sensitive skin condition that is always red and flaking

5. Lazy skin condition that see no improvement after using existing skin care

6. Those that do not want to use Skinlight and Skinrecon in their skin care regime. (For those who do not want to use the treatment series, and would like faster results for anti aging properties, this Age Arrest Set is recommended)

7. For those with good skin complexion and want to maintain your skin.


Day After Cleansing with Miraglo Face, apply Aestier AR Essence into palm and spread evenly across face. Follow up by Moisturiser and Sunscreen before going out in the morning.


After using Cleanser, dissolve 1 tab of Age Arrest in the palm of your hands with a tube of AR Essence and gently pat the solution onto the face, follow up by Moisturiser to seal in the freshness of the essence before bedtime.


DR Secret is appropriate for use with Aestier Age Arrest for maximum effectiveness for anti aging results to tighten wrinkles . Aestier Age Arrest increases skin elasticity by replenishing moisture, even outs skin tone and fine lines, and slows down the appearance of aging skin. DR Secret Moisturiser helps to lock in the freshness of the Age Arrest Essence into the skin, to ensure full absorption. DRs Secret Cleanser is a great way to start the day feeling refreshed and to remove impurities from the skin with the help of Miraglo Face exfoliation cloth. To prevent skin aging, DRs Secret Sunscreen is recommended to be applied in the day to prevent UV rays from the sun.

Add Aestier Eye Cream to lighten dark circles and tighten wrinkles under the eyes for best results.

About DR Secret & Aestier

DR’s Secret Range is manufactured in the United States. DR’s Secret means Dermatology Revolution, it uses revolutionary techniques in its unique blend of natural ingredients. Aestier is the sister brand of DR Secret. Aestier is a unique skincare which uses plant extracts in its formulation to repair and renew your skin.

DR's Secret Cleanser, Sunscreen, Moisturiser + Aestier Age Arrest + Miraglo Face

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